monoBoard Single Wheel Skateboard Project


Firstly lets take a look at an overview of the project and a bit of a breakdown of my initial design for the electronics components. The following video runs over this:

Hub Motor

I had a enquiry from someone on YouTube asking where tI sourced the Hub Motor from. The supplier I used is Pei Scooter Store on AliExpress, they were good to deal with and the shipping was a good as it gets from China. The motors look Ok however please note I haven't disassembled them to take a look at the internal build so can't offer any comment on the overall build quality other than they look ok. The link to the motor is below, there are options with regard motor power, I ordered the 36V 600W version.


I purchased a ready made BMS module from Ebay for use on the monoBoard, this one looks Ok to use with regenerative braking, if I can get it to work. Its agood for 45A continuous discharge and 100A instantaneous so it should be Ok. The link is below, sorry its an AU link, you may need to do a little hunting around to find a local supplier if from OS.

YouTube Update 1


YouTube Update 2

I started looking into information to develop the Electronic Speed Controller ESC and believe me thers is some shit on the Internet. It is amazing how many published research documents are available ther are simply horse shit. 


YouTube Update 3

Sorry for the long break, we had to move our business office and I needed a break. In this video the result of all my research is presented. Many changed to the circuit design have been made. Please follow along and as always if you have any comments I do welcome them.


Setting up the Ardunio IDE to use with the STM32

Since I have made the decision to move to the STM32 microcontroller I need to setup the Arduino IDE to work with it. This video walks you through how to setup the IDE with a practical example.


Lets move to the mechanical design for a bit of a change of topic

I have started working on the mechanical design in Fusion 360. I will publish the designs a little down the track once its a little more complete.


I have published a few videos on YouTube detailing the code for the project as it stands at the moment, so please take a look. 

Now I need to focus on the actual speed controller testing and the place to start is sorting out the motor wiring. In this video I look at the Hall Effect Sensors as we need this for the speed controller to operate.


OK so with the success of the ESC testing, I have decided to build out the PCB. The video below details a couple of issues I found and the work around to keep things moving. I have made the Schematic and PCB design public now on the following URL:


Ok thats it for the moment, I will post more info as it comes to hand.

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