Google Assistant on the Raspberry Pi


In this project we configure a Raspberry Pi with the Goggle Assistant SDK and coupled with a USB speaker and Mic and a 3D printed enclosure we put together a mini Google Home.  

For this project you will need the following items. The links I have provided are for a local supplier in Australia, however you should be able to find these products on eBay etc. pretty easily.

First things first, please take a look at my articles on loading the Raspberry Pi OS and setting up the remote desktop access. The links are below:

Once the OS is loaded onto the Raspberry Pi, you need to take a look at the Google Assistant SDK site. This leads you through setting up the Raspberry Pi to work with the SDK.

Please take a look at my YouTube video as it walks you through the process in quite a bit of detail.

A couple of things I did find:

  • Be super careful you don't miss any steps, I confess I did but it wasn't too hard to sort out.
  • Also I found the HDMI sound seemed to play funny buggers when the display was removed and the device rebooted, in that it changed the card number of the USB speakers. I did find just changing the setting to match the non-display boot worked fine though.


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