Electronic Speed Controller Construction


First things first, the PCB's I designed tuned up and they look OK, I guess time will tell on that front though!!

I have posted a YouTube video of the construction of the driver and control boards below.

The control board contained two surface mount chips, which I havent had much to do with as yet so this was a bit of a new thing for me. Anyway it all seemed to go together OK. The Greencap capacitors I had on hand were a little big for the circuit board layout however not a biggy. Also I noticed the resistor for the Zener should have been maybe a 1/2 watt and the design didnt allow quite that space. I will bodge it in true prototype fashion for the moment however a design change will be required to the PCB.

I'm just waitng on a few components to arrive now and I will have to purchase a brushless motor to do some real testing however all good for now.

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  • Abdul Ghani Zahid 19.01.18

    yes sir do buy a BLDC motor and do the testing waiting impatiently for the next video related to this controller

  • Grumpy 02.02.18

    Hoping to get to this very soon, am working on getting some other projects completed as well

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