Electronic Speed Controller


I will be adding to this post as time goes on as I will be using this as a record of discovery as the project progresses. This entry centres around the design of the controller. The schematic and circuit board design is complete and I have actually already received the boards in the mail. Its been wedding central here as we have been building up to the wedding of my youngest daughter so my Grumpiness was reserved for other purposes. I will be starting construction this coming week so hope to pick up the pace a little.

So a little about the design. I have based the design around the MC33035 motor controller, with a MC33039 providing speed feedback to allow closed loop control of the speed. The power stage utilises a set of power mosfets to do the heavy lifting. I have provided a link to the design in EasyEDA below.

ESC Control 

ESC Power Stage

I have also made a video on YouTube discussing the circuit so please check it out.

youtube link



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  • Abdul Ghani Zahid 19.01.18

    sir does your circuit works fine???

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