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Building a Dim Light Tester

As part of the channel I look at older value (tube) equipment. I always try to work safely however this valve gear brings a whole set of issues with the higher voltages involved. This tester helps me to work much more safely.

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monoBoard Single Wheel Skateboard Project

The will be a running commentary on the progress of my latest project, the monoBoard, a Single Wheeled Skateboard. This project brings together some of the PoC work I have completed with the Robots and introduces some new challenges as well.

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Power Supplies Tutorial No.6 (Switch-mode Buck Converter)

In this tutorial we look at switch-mode power supplies and we will be starting with the Buck Converter or Step-Down Converter. The buck converter is a DC to DC converter that can be used to step down voltages while offering greater efficiency than a linear regulator.

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I can certainly provide a solid recommendation for Grumpy's willingness to provide advice when I failed to merge lanes "one for one" at the Kooragang Island road works. I have found his advice invaluable and will certainly be putting it to use in the future when I do die and surely "go to hell".Dickhead Driver, Is Merging so Difficult, Arseholes Inc

Grumpy certainly let me have it with both barrels, and so he should have because I've managed to drop the level of service I provide to a level even lower that I conceived possible. Good on you Grumpy, standing firm, forcing us halfwits to provide a level of service that almost meets sub-par.... Call Centre Operator, I Can't Understand You, Every Bloody Call Centre